Gaming Laptop vs MacBook: Which of the Two Is Better?

Gaming Laptop vs MacBook

The technological world has undergone several massive advancements over the last few decades. Laptops have been lighter, smaller, slimmer, and faster since their launch. As technology continues to advance, there are also quite a few different types of laptops.

With an additional string of benefits and innovative features, choosing the right laptop becomes a challenge. If you too want to analyze the features of a gaming laptop vs MacBook devices, this article is your guide that will help you make the right purchase decision.


Whether purchasing a laptop, better performance is expected. Many people are still confused about whether a gaming laptop would perform well or a MacBook. Gaming laptops are perfect for high-end work and multitasking, but MacBook simplifies most jobs.

The performance of a laptop relies on various factors. Some of them include a cooling system and a clock speed. You need a faster computer for gaming, and there are several ways to speed up Mac for better performance. You may refer to the tips to speed up your computer. Can also check the video below.


MacBook comes out as a winner in the battle of which laptop is good in terms of SSD. Integrated with powerful and faster storage devices, the MacBooks offer you the performance you need to handle high-end computing tasks.

However, it doesn’t mean that gaming laptops don’t have SSD storage. You can install additional SSD storage if compatible with your system. Extra storage will allow your device to perform much better.


Gaming laptops and MacBooks are both powered by the Intel Core i9 processor. So they have enough storage and DDR4 RAM. Users don’t need to worry about storage space and system performance.

Most of the latest gaming laptops come with 11th gen processor chips with multiple cores that allows for seamless rendering. So, overall there is a tie between both types of laptops for a processor.



No other laptop comes closer to a gaming laptop that is designed with a complete focus on GPU. A high-end gaming laptop is equipped with a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU. It also includes Intel’s Ultra HD Graphics 630.

Moreover, the high-rated gaming laptop features a minimum graphic card memory of 6 GB. It provides users with a marvelous gaming experience. The MacBook, on the other hand, is designed with less emphasis on GPU. It is equipped with AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU.


Apple devices have been recognized for featuring the utmost display. The brighter colors, amazing effects, and better contrast make the MacBook perfect for Adobe Photoshop, video editing, and other editing software.

Gaming laptops vary in terms of display specifications based on the brand, manufacturer, and pricing. 4K displays are recommended for media usage, but they drain the battery. The MacBook has the same screen resolution but varying screen sizes.

Battery Life

Gaming laptops are power-consuming because they have equipment that takes up a good amount of power. Normally, a typical gaming laptop may run up to 3 to 4 hours when used constantly. A standard gaming laptop can expect to last for 5 to 7 hours.

The MacBook, on the other hand, comes with long-lasting battery life even though it has its own power-consuming hardware. Compared to gaming laptops, MacBook’s battery life is longer with efficient use of power.

Number of Ports/IO Selection

Apple’s MacBook Pro, with a sleek design, has a shortage of ports selection. It comes with just four Thunderbolt 3 connections and only a single socket for a headphone jack. Since it doesn’t have so many connectors, you need to purchase dongles for connectivity.

When comparing a gaming laptop vs MacBook, the former is known to integrate multiple ports. Hence, you can connect external devices such as a mouse, keyboard, speakers, and more without making any additional investment. To a very minimum, the laptops include at least one USB Type-C port, headphone jack, and graphic port.

Touchpads and Keyboard

Touchpads and Keyboard

The MacBook’s built-in keyboard is highly functional. It can be used efficiently by the majority of users. The major drawback of this keyboard is that it has a smaller profile of the keys. No matter what laptop you use, you can connect an external keyboard for better performance.

The multi-touch trackpad made using glass construction performs various actions with many fingers. Gaming laptops feature a trackpad and transformable keyboard. Also, it has an internal palm rest that provides users comfort while using a front-mounted keyboard.

The Conclusion

In the last few decades, laptops have improved in so many ways. Even what you’re using today is a new breed of device different from laptops of earlier decades. You can now easily find a laptop that flipped 360 degrees to lay straight against the back.

If you’re a passionate gamer, you must go with a gaming laptop that is good for multitasking without affecting performance. However, if you’re a working professional and need a laptop for your job profile, MacBook is worth considering.

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