How To Play Minesweeper the Right Way

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Minesweeper is a game that brings nostalgia to the 80s and early 90s children. It was first available on the family computer, back when computers were huge and not as mobile as your laptop or smartphone today.

So, there is a desk in most homes wherein people share a clunky device. And when some children during that time got their chance to sit in front of its screen — one of the games played is Minesweeper. It was before the internet was a thing you consume the whole day. Offline was still the norm.

But, it turns out, they have been playing Minesweeper the wrong way this whole time — a woman in TikTok revealed. And it broke the internet as it blew the minds of its players back then.

What is Minesweeper?

It is a 16-bit single-play puzzle game on PC. Players would normally click at random squares to avoid blowing up the bombs or “mines,” Lad Bible reported.

Clicking at any time — without any strategy at all — was how folks back in the day playing it.

Instruction to the game has been available since then. However, according to a report by 1079ishot, when the game was a thing, Google wasn’t yet.

That is, at least, how most played Minesweeper — aimlessly clicking at boxes. The game may be a thing of the past to some, however, there are still recent developments of it.

In August 2015, as the game celebrated its 30th anniversary, the world’s largest Minesweeper was created by a company named Cinemassive, with a whopping 38,000 “mines” in total.

A TikToker Schools Minesweeper Players

The game, dating back from 1960, it turns out, has an actual strategy to play it. Thanks to a Tiktok user called Paisley as she revealed it to the public.

In the viral video, Paisley didn’t just click on any square to avoid the detonation. She used a strategy and had a clear understanding of the gameplay.

“I am about to make all your middle school dreams come true because I am going to tell you how to play this stupid game called mine something or other,” Paisley says in the video as Lad Bible reported.

How To Play It the Right Way?

To play Minesweeper, players have to press a square first. But it is more than just guessing which square to click. Observation and deduction is the name of the game.

Take note that the number around the boxes is the clue to know where the mines are.

There are ones and twos, and it will tell you how many bombs are touching the square. If the box is near number one — it means that one of the squares around it has the “mine.” Likewise, the number two indicates that there is more than one explosive adjacent to it.

It turns out that these numbers guide players throughout the game. The final goal is to clear the map and refrain from blowing the bomb.

The said viral video has already garnered 4 million views, along with 14,000 shares and a whopping 500,000 likes. Perhaps, it could mean that 4 million more people now know how to actually play Minesweeper

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